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About Shri Dadaji Dhuniwale Khandwa

Shri Dadaji Maharaj was the actual incarnation of Lord Shiva. Around 1850 AD, he was spotted on the bank of river Narmada as a radiant boy of 8 years by Brahmarshi Gourishankar Maharaj. He was taken into the Guru’s fold, and was given basic lessons in youga, meditation and spirituality. For higher leaving, he was sent to Kashi. Thanks to his sharp intellect, he was able to master ancient scriptures like the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas etc. before the stipulated time. A pleased Gourishankar Maharaj handed over the reins of his Ashram to his wonder protege whom be renamed as Swami Krishnanand.

However, young Krishnanand was interested in higher pursuits. The mundane day-to-day chores of the ashram did not interest him. He would often enter deep woods, and engage himself in fierce meditation. Very soon he achieved all 8 siddhies. He willingly handed over the reins of ashram to the next in command; and embarked on a pious journey of dhyan, tapa, pilgrimage and social uplift.

Shri Dadaji Dhuniwale (Bade Dadaji) took samadhi in Khandwa in 1930. No one knows how Dadaji incarnated on this planet. SwamiRevanad (One of the disciples of Dadaji) has written in his book that Dadaji incarnated in Saikheda, a village in Madhya Pradesh. He was first noticed by Shree Gaurishankar ji Maharaj. Later Gaurishankarji accepted him as his disciple and named as Madhav.


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