Department of Civil Engineering
Details of Major Projects

SN Project Title Group Member Year Guide Name Description
1 Manufacturing Of Railway Sleepers Aameer khan
Shahrukh samodi
Salman ali
Tashad waqar ansari
2016 Mrs. N. Sisodiya Railway sleeper is designed and tested using fly ash with the aim of achieving economy in construction of sleepers in railway construction. Results were found satisfactory. Consumption of cement is very large in railway sleeper and partial replacement of fly ash can result in large saving of cement.
2 Development Of Model Village Badgaon With Special Reference To Primary Health Centre Abdul Latif Patel
Huzaifa Ali Karni
Salman Khan
Shubham Maheshwari
2016 Mrs. N. Sisodiya It is planned to develop infra structure for a selected village and develop it as a modern village. Along with water supply system, road transportation improvement a primary health centre is planned and designed as per norms of government for selected village badgaon near khandwa.
3 Earth Tube Heat Exchanger Jasneet Chawla
Harsh Singh
Harshit Soni
Sumit Rao
Harsh Jaiswal
Aakash Malviya
2017 Mr. Ashish Paliwal Earth tube heat exchanger is a modern technique for air conditioning of building. It uses the heat of underground earth for keeping tyh inner environment oh the building more comfortable without using electricity or sometimes by less consumption of conventional energy.
4 Hypothetical Assessment And Comparison Of Strength Characteristics Of Concrete Using Waste Materials Harpreet Kaur Hora
Himani Moundekar
Kanak Rajani
Sonam Soni
2017 Ms. Ritu Tomar In this project cement is partially replaced by fly ash and aggregates are partially replaced by recycled aggregates in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials used in construction industry.
5 Compaction Characteristics Of Black Cotton Soil With Pond Ash Anuj Pal
Ashwin Johari
Bijay Pathak
Mayank Jain
Satish Patel
Shekhar Sharma
2016 Mr. Ashish Paliwal In this project characteristics of black cotton soil mixerd small amount with pond ash are tested and observed. It is found that the drawbacks of black cotton soil can be overcome to some extent if a fixed amount of pond ash is replaced by pond ash which is a themal power plant waste product.
6 Cost Effective Paver Blocks Rachna Gore
Sakshi Goyal
Shrilekha Roy
Silky Bansal
2018 Mr. Ashish Paliwal / Mr. Deepak Kaushal In this project pond ash is partially replaced with cement to ahieve economy in casting of pavers block .Pond ash is a waste product of thermal power plant and is available in large amount occupying large area.
7 Tests On Plain Bitumen And Modified Bitumen Mod.Uvesh Khan
Manmeet Tijore
Syed Shoaib Ahmed
Nitin Gathiya
Harsh Tongare
Shubham Songara
2018 Mr. Deepak Kaushal Plain bitumen when used in conventional manner has some drawbacks from cost and properties point view. this is suggested to reduce the amount of bitumen by addition of plastic waste which also improve some of its properties.
8 Traffic Problems And Solutions-Khandwa City Shivam Tiwari
Mohd. Mustafa
2018 Mrs. N. Sisodiya In this project problem existing in khandwa city are syudied by using actual engineering and traffic survey .all possible solutions and suggestions are given to improve the traffic conditions of the city under considerations from engineering point of view.