Department of Electronics and Communication
Details of Major Projects

SN Project Title Group Member Guide Name Description
1 Automatic Railway Signal Neha Soni (0823EC121036)
Nikita Agrawal (0823EC121038)
Prachi Patidar (0823EC121042)
Mrs. Seema Paliwal This project is designed to satisfy the security needs of railways in three ways : signaling for the train driver, tracking the signals and the track protections. The green light denotes the track is free, red light denotes the track is busy or damaged. Signal control based on track position.
2 Door Knock or Vibration Alarm Bhupendra Prajapati (0823EC121011)
Ganesh Mahajan (0823EC121017)
Ganesh Pawde (0823EC121018)
Mr. Vijay Sah This is a simple circuit that activates an alarm when there is a knock on the door or there are any vibrations due to movement of heavy goods or furniture.
3 Smoke Detector Arshia Khan (0823EC141004)
Ayushi Parashar (0823EC141005)
Dipsi Soni (0823EC141006)
Mrs. Seema Paliwal Introduction: Smoke detector is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. It issue a signal to fire alarm control panel as a part of fire alarm systems or to a local audible / visual alarm on the detection of smoke.
4 Touch Free Timer Switch Naman Khede (0823EC121034)
Sagar Gore (0823EC141012)
Md. Sahahnawaz Shaikh This type of infrared proximity circuit is widely used as an electric switch, where physical contact is not desired for hygiene purpose. This simple circuit presented here can be operated by moving any object in front of it. This is achieved by detecting the infrared light reflected by object on to receiver contact with it.
5 Proximity Detector Aman Soni (0823EC141001)
Arpana Bansal (0823EC141002)
Khushboo Patel (0823EC141007)
Md. Shahnawaz Shaikh Proximity detection is a specialized application of scientific analysis technique known as remote sensing. In remote sensing information is gathered about an objectwithout coming in to physical contact with it.
6 230V To Multi DC Shubham Patel (0823EC153D06)
Babul Singh Tanwar (0823EC153D02)
Mr. Prithivraj Singh Chouhan This project converts the 230V AC signal to multiple voltage rating DC signals. It convert 230V Ac signal to 9 volts or 12 volts Ac signal using step down transformer than further convert it to multiple voltage ratings DC signals (3V, 6V, 9V, 12V) using rectifier and voltage regulator.
7 LED Matrix Display Using Bluetooth Aman Soni (0823EC141001)
Arpana Bansal 0823EC141002)
Khushboo Patel 0823EC141007)
Md. Sahahnawaz Shaikh To meet the demands of the huge amount of paper causes immense deforestation hence, providing a pathway to global warming. The primary goal of this work is to create a an innovative LED Matrix which can be as a Notice board and can operates in a well organized manner with respect to date and time which will help the user to constantly keep track of the notice board every time he uses the system and to convey the information more productivity using Bluetooth.
8 Traffic Spped Controller Rashmi Malve (0823EC141011) Mrs. Seema Paliwal This project offered to use RFID technology to tag the warning signals placed in the dangerous portions of the road. While artificial vision based recognition of traffic signals might fail, if visibility is poor.
9 Home Automation using Wi-Fi Ajay Kajle (0823EC153D01)
Sabhya Solanki (0823EC153D04)
Babul Singh Tanwar (0823EC153D02)
Mr. Prithivraj Singh Chouhan This project presents a design of new home automation system t hat uses Wi-Fi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. It uses Web server and LAN with hardware interface module.
10 Patient monitoring system Naman Khede (0823EC121034)
Himalaya Neelkanth (0823121023)
Mr. Amit Kanugo This project is based on monitoring of patients. We have designed and developed a reliable, energy efficient patient monitoring system. It is able to send parameters of patient in real time. It enables the doctors to monitor patient's health parameters (Temperature, Heartbeat, and ECG) in real time. Here the parameters of patient (temperature, heartbeat, ECG) are measured continuously and wirelessly transmitted using Bluetooth. This project provides a solution for enhancing the reliability and flexibility by improving the performance and power management of the patient monitoring system.
11 Smart Dustbin Shubham Patel(0823EC153D06)
Sandeep Kapil (0823EC153D05)
Virendra Mohe (0823EC111062)
Mr. Santosh Singh Mourya Today main issue for pollution is Garbage Overflow. It creates unhygienic condition for the people and creates bad smell around the surroundings this leads in spreading some deadly diseases & human illness. To avoid all such situations we implement a project called IoT Based waste management using smart dustbin. Implementation is done with the help of IoT concept. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept in which surrounding objects are connected through wired and wireless networks without user intervention. Objects communicate and exchange information. In this system multiple dustbins are located throughout the city or the Campus, these dustbins are provided with a sensor which helps in tracking the level and weight of the garbage bins and a unique ID will be provided for every dustbin in the city so that it is easy to identify which garbage bin is full.
12 Automatic Car Wipper Aditya soni (0823EC111002)
Jay singh chouhan(0823EC111025)
Meghashee shakergayen (0823EC111035)
Md. Sahahnawaz Shaikh A continuously working wiper in a car may prove to be a nuisance, especially when it is not raining heavily. By using the circuit de- scribed here one can vary sweeping rate of the wiper from once a second to once in ten seconds. It is made up of simple conducting and non conducting material when rain touches the circuit of sensor then it gets start.