Department of Electrical and Electronics
Details of Major Projects

SN Project Title Group Member Year Guide Name Description
1 Wireless pan-tilt controller for CCTV camara Aamir Khan
Gokul vishal
Naveen Pal
Vijeeyeta Gahlod
2014-15 Mr.R.K.Shukla They are commonly referred to as robos, an abbreviation of robotic camera. These systems can be remotely controlled by automation systems. The PTZ controls are generally sold separately without the cameras, but can also be sold as a set, as in the case of Fletcher cameras
2 Intelligence rail track and bogies monitoring system Rahul Kaushal
Vijay Yadav
Vikash Patel(59)
2015-16 Mr.M.D.Choudhary It is design railway track , crack detection and bogies monitoring system using microcontroller , IR sensor assembly system which detect the crack along its path and is also capable to monitoring the location of the crack by using the sensors and alert thorough sms message using sensor transmitting so that any accident condition can be prevented.
3 Ultrasonic based distance measurement system Harsh Karodi
Pankaj Sawale
Pratik Naredi
Vishal Malviya
Sachin Patel
2015-16 Mr.Ashwani Tapde The measurement unit uses a continuous signal in the transmission frequency range of ultrasonic transducers. The signal is transmitted by an ultrasonic transducer, reflected by an obstacle and received by another transducer where the signal is detected. The time delay of the transmitted and the received signal corresponds to the distance between the system and the obstacle.
4 Solar powered bicycle with dual charging mode Aman Rathore
Ashish Saini
Rahul Rathore
Shivkumar More
2017-18 Mr.Dilip Kushwah The best preferred dual pair is electric . In this project the dual charging bicycle system, the power is delivered both via an electric motor. The electrical power is used to achieve either better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle, better performance and it cause less pollution. Driving mode selectivity improves this system more economical, stable and more efficient.
5 Analalysis of rating and efficiency of electrical appliances Atul Pal
Bhavin Bundele
Bhupendra yadav
Gagan Singh
Nilesh Prajapati
2015-16 Mrs Kirti Vibhute Efficient energy use, sometimes simply called energy efficiency, is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.
6 Missed call Based Switching Mahipal Singh Jhamra
Nikki Patel
Manoj Patel
2013-14 Mr.R.K.Shukla The radio frequency link establishes a connection to the switching systems of a mobile phone operator, which provides access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Modern mobile telephone services use a cellular network architecture.
7 Electricity Generation by transportation Ashish Gour
Deepak Kharat
Dipika Maheswari
2013-14 Mr.Ashwani Tapde Human activities are closely dependent on the usage of several forms and sources of energy to perform work. Energy is the potential that allows movement and/or the modification of matter (e.g. making steel by combining iron and carbon).
8 Motion sensor spot Light Hemant Patel
Shiubham batham
Shubham Patel
Yash Bhagat
2014-15 Mr.Dilip Kushwah Motion Sensor Activated: The Spotlight instantly turns on when it detects motion from up to 30 feet away Easy to Install: No wires = quick and easy installation in less than 5 minutes; no electrician required Multipurpose: Brightly light up patios, decks, porches, yards, stairwells, hallways, garages, entrances and exits
9 Water level indicator Ameer Khan
Arpit Verma
Megha sawale
2013-14 Mr.R.K.Shukla Water Level Alarm Circuit Working and Its Applications. The water level alarm circuit is a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the level of water in the overhead tank and also in the other containers. Nowadays, all the householders/owners are storing the water in overhead tanks by using the pumps.
10 DC motor speed and direction control by using RF/IR technology Sankalp Pal
Sanjay Kholgade
Sharukh Khan
Sheikh Anish
2015-16 Mr.Shyam Barade DC MOTOR SPEED AND DIRECTION CONTROL USING RF. The main aim of the project is to design a versatile device that can control DC devices which draw up to a few amps of current. The circuit may be used in either 12 or 24 Volt systems with only a few minor wiring changes.