Master of Computer Application
Details of Major Projects

SN Project Title Group Member Year Guide Name Description
1 Easy and Safe Reliable Bus Service Imran Sheikh 2015 Mr. Hemendra Patidar Easy and safe bus realiable service software is a globally deploable Integrated, Workflow based end to end system starting from searching bus route to book them online.
2 Media Tracking System 2014 Mr. Ankit Shandilya The Project "MTS" is based on Media Domain. Here, System track the news channel; The news paper generates reports on the basis of our data (from database) which is viewed by our employees.
3 Monitoring tool for marketing force Ayushi Baheti 2014 Mr. Vinod Ahuja "Monitoring tool for marketing force" is to help manager to monitor the activities force in working period wheather they are following the given schedule properly.
4 E-Chikitsa Prashant Vyaas 2014 Mr. Ankit Shandilya This project is helpful to both medicare staff as well as to the public. This project make coommunication easy. It is a web application which has all features to support online job search process.
5 Online Job Serach Sadhna Patel 2012 Mr Hemendra Patidar The project "Online Job Search " is a solution for both candidates seeking jobs and employes with jobs and looking for suitable candidate.
6 Agri Tourism Rinku Chouhan 2017 Mr. ankit Shandilya The project "Agri tourism " is to develop an internet based system.this system will give accurate information ragarding the tour which helps to view all the centers available directly from any where.
7 Bulk Scheme Mailer Srishti Bajaj 2014 Mr.Sachin malviya Bulk Scheme Mailer " is a full-featured bulk emailer and mail merger tools for windows that allows you to send out custmized prices lists and any kind of text or HTML
8 Secure and practical outsourcing of linear Meghmala Baranga 2014 Mr. Ankit Shandilya In this system we are providing the security in cloud area by using some encryption algorithm. When one client wants to upload the data to the cloud he upload one piblic key with encryption formate.