Department of Mechanical Engineering
Details of Major Projects

SN Project Title Group Member Year Guide Name Description
1 Manually driven floor cleaning with sweeping machine Arbaz Khan
Jayant Patel
Krishnalal Darbar
Pawan Mahajan
2016 Mr.S. Gupta This is a manually driven floor cleaning and sweeping machine for use in railways, public areas, industries, hotels ,hospitals etc replacing electrically driven machines
2 Rain Based wiper control system Sagar Desai
Parikshit Shrivastav
Rupendra Singh Tanwar
Anand Gayakwad
2009 Mr.C.B. Bhatkar The first windshield wipers were operated manually by moving a lever inside the car back and forth. Today, most of us take our electric windshield wipers for granted. the wipers faithfully keep the window clear, moving back and forth across the windshield countless times as they sweep the water away. on their highest speed, they move impressively fast sometimes shaking the car from sode to side.
3 Magneto Bicycle Lovepanth Kshirsagar
Akash Khemka
Ishan Chaturvedi
Rahul Gite
Rahul Raghuvashi
2010 Mr.Y.P. Ladhe The working of magneto bicycle based open the principlal of attraction and repulsion of magnetic pole.
4 The application of " Bicycle Forklift" used in small Scale industries Jaswant Ahirwar
Pawan Pawar
Balveer Singh
Bhupendra Paradkar
Balkrishna Pawar
2010 Mr.C.B. Bhatkar in this project we are trying to make an bicycle fork lift it's work only human power no external energy consumption.
5 Android wheel chair Aman sheikh
Keshav Gupta
Abrar Ahmed
Lokesh Manik
Faizan Anwar
Kunal Bhawsar
Bhushan Khaire
Alziyauddin Sheikh
2018 Mr.Y.P. Ladhe An android Wheel chair is any power chair using a control system to augment a replace user control its purpose is to reduce or eliminate the user's task of driving a power chair. This differs from a conventional power chair , in which the user exerts manual control over speed and direction without intervention by the wheel chairs controle system. smart wheel chairs are design for verity of user types. Wheel chairs typically employ techniques from artificial intelligence , Such as path planning the people with physical disability not only haveless living space, but also the quaility of life is seriously affectected and it also brings big burden to their family
6 Box Shifting Mechanism Manish Singh Suryavanshi
Shahrukh Khan
Shravan Patel
Smith Sonrish
Sumit Verma
Surendra Singh Marko
2017 Mr.Rohit Upadhyay Here work is done by converting rotary motion in to reciprocating motion by mean of a single slider crank mechanism , to replace conventional conveyer systems by fully mechanical, highly efficient, low initial and maintenance cost conveyer systems
7 Converting Waste plastics in to a resource Jitendra Mukati
Pushpendra Chouhan
Siddharth Jain
Shikhar Barole
2014 Mr.Nitesh Mishra Waste plastic from municipal solid waste is sorted in to (HDPE, LDPE, PVC etc) and heated to melt it and the various gaseous products are distilled to obtain different fractions a petrolium products whose properties are compaired with actual values of actual petrolium products
8 Zero Energy Buildings Hareram Patel
Dharmendra Prajapati
Ravindra Kumrawat
Jayram Malakar
2009 Mr.P. Anand The goal of zero energy building is to use technologies that can either significantly reduse or totally eleminate net annual energy builds such buildings are not connected to the utility grids
9 OSCIL Pump Kirtarth Pawar
Krishnapal Patidar
Lalit Malakar
Yogesh Sakya
2012 Mr.Vipul Upadhyay In this work are determind maximal possible over unity quotients of efficiency of the machine, under certain conditions. They were not know before and there was a lot of guessing about it. A machine without energy consumer would behave as if it has a much biger quotient of efficiency the n a ,machine with a water pump atteched to it. the region was partial oscillation of energy