Master OF Engg. in Industrial Engg. & Management

Total Intake 18(Seats)

This course is run under the Discipline of Mechanical Engineering offering postgraduate degree course.

Industrial Engineering and Management course is related to understanding, development, and implementation of systems involving human being and other resources. In this course, students are taught various methods to manage and optimize the use of available resources. These include man, material and equipment for production and manufacturing by applying mathematical and engineering tools.

The objective of M.E/ M.Tech in Industrial Engineering and Management is to perform in the fields of design, R&D section, manufacturing, operations and services. Industrial engineers are to reduce the waste & improve performance. They have to achieve the end product with no errors & study the product requirement more carefully to give the best result

Students graduating from this programme will have a strong interlinked knowledge between engineering and management with the right set of project management and problem solving skills allowing you to enter leading roles in industry. Graduates will find employment in national and international industries and will be capable of applying transferable skills manufacturing projects and industrial research and development.